Get More Clients Online For Your Coaching Business

What’s the best way to approaching online marketing when you sell services, coaching and courses?Maybe you are struggling to get clients online and wondering how you can start to scale.

Most dive right into every training program they can find for a tactic that will be the magic button to unleash a ton of clients. (That never works by the way)

So what is the best place to start? 

I have worked with a ton of service based professionals and when it comes to finding clients and marketing there are a ton of approaches you can take to be successful. 

This will have to be a part one series because let’s face it, we have a lot to cover!

Let’s dive into a few of them:

1. Lead Generation Done For You

So one of the first things that I did when I first started out was I went to They are platform that gets leads for coaches. Now right now, at the time of writing this they are getting less leads than normal simply due to the pandemic. It used to be 100 a week and now it’s 50 a week. But it is a place I personally started.

They also have what is called a “coaching circle” where you can coach other coaches and they coach you. It gives you a ton of experience, gather testimonials and it’s a safe environment. 

You can count on at least one lead a month on this platform. 

2. How does digital marketing work for coaches?

How does this digital marketing thing work? So the secret sauce that nobody ever talks about behind digital marketing. . . 

. . . behind the landing pages, behind the emails and all the stuff that you’ve got to set up, all the systems, the online courses, is how do you sell the stuff, right? 

What makes it work? 

The secret sauce is all based on building relationship digitally, and all of these systems have to be built correctly and building relationships with the people that come in contact with your content. Otherwise they’re never going to purchase what you have to offer.

social media management

Many people do Facebook ads and target people that have no clue who they are and the ads are just asking for purchases. 

You don’t know who they are. 

You don’t trust them. 

They could be a scam, so you’re not going to invest. 

So that is the purpose of social media, and that’s the purpose behind your content and why you create things. To connect with people! That is why being authentic with your content is the right thing to do. Yes people love value but they also want to connect with YOU…not just a graphic. 

I love YouTube and TikTok because they really allow me to get to know people. YouTube by far is my favorite though.

It allows me to create content that is going to build relationship with people that are watching my YouTube channel. And then, if they are interested in my products and services, we already have a relationship and it’s much easier for them to trust me. It is a great way to allow people to become aware of your business.

So that’s really the strategy behind all your social media and all your ads. To create a relationship with people and at first it can feel strange because in a way they are getting to know you but you are not getting to know them personally. (They are watching you, you are not watching them)

They are becoming aware and engaging in your content, then maybe subscribing to your list. 

Think about it. . . 

If you ran into somebody and you’re not going to give them your email, unless you trust them. You’re not going to give them the email unless you really want something. You might give a fake email to somebody you don’t trust, right? 

So those you do trust, you’re going to opt in, right? 

And then you’re only going to buy from somebody that you super trust. You really know that they have something to offer that it’s really going to help you out. I read the other day that about 85% of people buy from the person they first heard about the service from. So it pays to be the one speaking up!

how to sell online courses

3. What content do you create to find clients?

Many coaches do things the wrong way. They think I just build the funnel and then my clients will just fill my email list and bam I will be successful. They go out and they start their coaching business and they’ll do an online course, and they think, “Why won’t this course sell?”

So if that doesn’t work what does?
What you want to do first is go out and study your demographic, and you want to find out what they’re asking, what questions they’re asking online, what are the top things they’re looking for on YouTube, what are the top things they’re looking at across the internet. What are the issues that they are dealing with? Also look for volume! Look for things that they say they are struggling with. 

Then create content around those things, and then once you have a community, ask them what they want.
The process that you want to follow is very, very easy to figure out what people want once you have an email list, and you actually have people that are interested in your content. In fact, I would recommend a great book called The Ask Formula it walks you through step by step how to ask your community what they want!

If you’re struggling with trying to figure out what content to put on your social media, what videos to create, or whatever platform you’re focusing on, what you should put out there to actually get customers and clients, I’m going to provide a process that I personally take myself through to figure out what content to create.

This is very, very important because this is what’s going to make people aware of your products and services, if they want to work with you and build relationship. And this comes down to what you’re going to post on your Instagram, what you’re going to post on your Facebook, whatever you’re going to create. It has to focus on who you are trying to serve. 

There are 5-6 categories of topics you want to include in your marketing strategy. Here are some of them:

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Credibility
  • Promotions
These are categories that are proven on social media that people love. If you always post how to info then you miss out on connection. If you only post connection then nobody knows what you have to offer. If you want to know more about these types of content and what to create with templates you can get those in any of my courses. 
If you would like help on how to find topics to focus on then grab my free download below that will help you plan out your content for a year!


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