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You know you want to start a podcast but the struggle of learning new tech and understanding what it takes to succeed is daunting. Maybe you don’t have time to edit your podcast and you would rather just show up, record and then be on your way!

To make matters worse you don’t want to launch a podcast and it fall flat, look unprofessional and ruin your own brand in the process.

You can get more detailed pricing and package details here but you must book a call in order to purchase.


Craft the perfect introduction to captivate your audience from the first second. Our expert team delivers high-quality voiceovers, carefully selected music, vocal effects, and sound effects, all seamlessly integrated into a captivating intro that sets the tone for your show. You will get to choose from a wide range of music and voice over talent! Prices starting at $239.

Podcast Audio Editing Services

Sit back and let us handle the heavy lifting. Our audio editing services include everything from EQ adjustments and compression to noise removal and ID3 tagging. With pricing based on episode length and packages for multiple episodes, we ensure your podcast sounds polished and professional with every listen. Starting at $84 a 15 minute podcast.

Podcast Video Editing Services

Take your content to the next level with our top-tier video editing services. From audio and video compression to inserting branding elements and reducing distractions, we transform your raw footage into engaging video podcasts. Choose from various episode durations and let us handle the rest. Starting at $267 a 30 minute podcast.

Podcast Promotion

Are you wanting to rank top in iTunes? We offer a package for new podcasters to get a solid listener base and potentially rank your podcast! Starting at $2500.

Podcast Branding

Need artwork for your podcast? Our designers will get your input and create you a design you love! This will include one banner and one podcast art and one set of revisions. This package will be designed by our best talent and you can expect the highest quality. Starting at $400.


We will syndicate your podcast across all podcast platforms, setup your main podcast hosting service, provide SEO optimization. This includes YouTube SEO and thumbnail design. Up to 4 podcasts a month. Starting at $500 a month.

Trust in our experienced team to bring your vision to life and ensure your podcast always sounds its best. With my own top podcast which I marketed to number 5 in the nation I understand the hard work that goes into your podcast and how important the production is.  Ready to elevate your podcasting journey? Book a call to learn more about our packages!

Besides Thrive Radio Here Are A Few Podcasts We Have Produced

The Long Haulers Podcast

Working with RT Medical to launch an online community, led by medical professionals focused on Long Covid. 

We produced their intro and outro, edited their videos and audio, syndicated the podcast, harnessed influencer marketing to grow their community, managed their social media and marketing strategy. 

As a result they launched a successful paid community. They discontinued when there was no longer a need. 

The services we currently offer for video are more advanced than what you see here.

Career Coach Chris Ricci

Chris Ricci is a career coach that wanted to provide more value to his ideal clients when they visited his website. His goal was to build trust. 

We produced his intro and outros, edited his podcasts and designed his podcast artwork. 

How To Get A Top Podcast

This is my podcast Thrive Radio! I have been podcasting since 2008! This podcast is my second one and I marketed it to number 5 in business in the nation! The truth is to get a podcast to the top in iTunes you just need a solid campaign. I was able to replicate this for others as well!

Here are a few of my personal milestones in ranking! The first reaching number 5 along side Rachel Hollis. The next at 25 up there by my spiritual father Tony Robbins, then still in the top 200 up there next to Seth Godin (a top marketing expert). Then the day I ranked next to Jay Shetty, then ranked up there with Conan O’Brien and Michael Hyatt! The list goes on! I could show you screenshots all day long!

When I was ranking I can tell you that the feeling was incredible, validating and I realized that with good marketing anyone can do anything! Yes, this feels like a dream but it is in fact a reality that is very easy to achieve.

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