How To Start A Successful Blog and Make Money

A blog can transform your business into a money making machine. . .

Maybe you have a blog and you are wondering how to start a blog that makes money?

If you want to make money from your blog there are a few things you should know. In this blog I will answer some of the most pressing questions about how you can use social media and begin to make money with a blog.

Today I’m going to give you some real tactics that you can apply this week on how to start a blog that will help you plan out your blog so it get’s traffic and you can begin to create yourself some money with a blog.

Here are my top 7 tips on how to start a blog that makes money . . .


Make a list of customer intentions

When you are planning your blog you want to get traffic and it helps to find the keywords people are typing into Google and what they are searching for.

But beyond that you don’t just need a keyword with lot’s of traffic but to ask why they are searching for that word . . .

     . . . what is their intention.

Much like when I wrote this blog I had to look up asking what people are searching for related to how to write a blog.

I found “how to write a blog’, ‘how to write a blog that makes money’, ‘how to start a blog’, ‘how to start a blog that makes money’ and other keywords.

How to start a blog had the most traffic but was way too competitive to try to rank. By changing my target to how to start a blog and make money I narrowed my focus and for those looking to make money with a blog full-time.

I could be looking up, for example, how to garden, or maybe I already have a garden and I want to look up garden supplies, or maybe I already have garden supplies, maybe I already have a garden.

Maybe I am trying to look for gardening accessories, or upgrade, or look for different types of soil…

You really need to understand why the people that you’re trying to reach are searching for the content that you’re about to create.
You can also assess what terms you have the best chance to rank and choose your content accordingly. I like to use Neil Patel’s tool Ubersuggest to do my research.

This is really important because you will then understand at a greater level really what you should make your blog to be about, what answers you should be answering.

One tool I love to use is called It’s a free tool!

You can go and see what questions people are asking about are related to a specific term. For example, I teach digital marketing. So if I go in there, I put digital marketing, you see all the questions that people have about digital marketing.

That’s pretty helpful…

How to write a blog post with SEO

The other thing that you want to do is after you really have a list of intentions and you’ve decided which one of these things you’re going to answer, you want to go into Google AdWords and you want to begin to look up keywords with the Google Keyword Search Tool.

Now, don’t pay attention to the competition or any of that type of thing yet….

What you want to do is just get an idea of the different terms that are out there and kind of figure out how you can match those with the intention.

Now, here’s something that’s really important to understand about SEO and SEM.

It’s not just about finding a term that, let’s say, is highly searched and low competition.

If you are meeting a very specific need and answering a very specific topic, sometimes it is okay to be very specific where you might not get a ton of traffic, but the traffic you get is very interested in that particular solution that you are providing, and therefore that traffic is going to mean a lot more for you.

Just keep that in mind…

If you find a search term and it doesn’t have a ton of traffic, that might be okay.

Because at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what your intention is in creating that blog piece that you’re going to do.

It isn’t just about traffic but the right traffic!


Decide what you want to sell

The next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to create your blog. But before you go and write it, you want to really decide what you want to sell people.

What is it that you want them to buy?

You want something that’s going to answer a problem that those people are having. Once you come up with the idea of something that is some that you’re going to sell that’s …

It could be a physical product even.

Then, what you want to do at the bottom of your blog post, you want to create a lead magnet.

It can be your product on sale or you can splinter off a valuable piece of content from your product you sell to offer for free as a download.

A word about lead magnets…

What is important though is that whatever you provide it is:

  • Valuable
  • Offer people a small win of
    some sort
  • It must be complete and able
    to stand alone

Now, the reason why you do this is not because this is the massive way that you’re going to get conversions, because most people that read through a blog and then they see an opt-in at the bottom unless they are already a devoted person in your community generally they’re not going to opt in.

But the reason why you do this is to create awareness of your product and awareness of your services.


Capturing Readers With A Facebook Pixel

Probably the most important thing to have in place is your Facebook Pixel. This is what makes Facebook Ads powerful and successful.

The reason is that it puts a cookie on the computer of the person who reads your blog and you can retarget the with ads for 180 days.

You can later go and promote online to them. “Hey, remember this free download or product that you saw in this blog post? You might want to buy it or you might want to download it.”

How To Get Blog Subscribers

The last thing is you’re going to actually pay to promote your post on Facebook.

Then, that is actually going to give you some favor from Google because whenever you create something brand new, and you promote it, and you tell people about it, it will be actually promote you a little bit in Google and you get more traffic to your site.

Meanwhile as you do this your Facebook Pixel is capturing all your visiter’s!

Once you have made several posts you can go into your your stats and you can find the top post that you have created and create, and update that post, and update the content, refresh it, and then send it out again.

Then, what this does is Google actually will reward you for any content that you refresh, that you make brand new, so it will begin to promote it again.

So then you can let everyone know you updated your content and you can send it out to your email list. Then, you want to pay to promote it on Facebook.


Your Customer Value Journey

Remember, whenever you are creating content for your website, it’s all about the journey that you’re setting people on. You always want it to lead them to do something.

Whether it’s a free download, or whether it is attending a webinar, or it’s purchasing a product, we always want to bring them on a journey of value.

So if you follow this process and you begin to create blog posts that are strategic, and you pay to promote them on Facebook, and you always have some sort of opt-in that will lead people into what you want them to purchase, you begin to make money doing a blog.

Now, you can also promote it through Pinterest and all these other different social media outlets, but just remember that it’s important that you are very strategic in your content and that you create stuff that people are going to want to consume.

One nice thing about Pinterest is that it is a great place to create traffic for a blog. If you use a service like Tailwind you can join what they call their Tailwind Tribes where you partner with others on Pinterest to share each other’s content!

The sky is the limit!

I hope you got some value on how to start a blog today and make money online. Need more help writing viral content check out my free offer below!




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