These Keys Will Determine Your Success

Digital marketing challenges so many business owners from a mental perspective, especially those that don’t get how it works. 

I believe it is because they have seen a digital marketer online that is focused on marketing outside of their specific niche and then assume it doesn’t apply to them. 

For example, I work with a lot of business owners who are B2B focused targeting executives. The way most have built businesses is the old fashioned way – in person or picking up the phone. 

But during the pandemic everything changed. The networking opportunities turned to zoom, the speaking events turned into podcasts, and getting more business started to happen on LinkedIn. Large companies started to force their C-Suite to start creating a presence online. 

Things have changed and mastering your online presence has become more important than ever. 

Most service professionals at least have a blog on their website, but when I check their traffic using a tool like SEMRush they aren’t getting any visitors. 

Some argue that those they target aren’t searching for what they have to offer, but when I go look at what people are searching for there are literally hundreds of thousands of searches for what they have to offer. 

I millionaire I got coaching from years back said, “Your income follows your personal growth.” Of course this means your income follows your ability to interact, communicate and reach people. And in this day and age, this includes online. 

Successful people possess a particular trait that sets them apart from those who are unsuccessful. 

They know where they are going and they have a firm belief that whatever they set their mind to, they can achieve it. It’s having the faith that whatever you do will succeed, and this can be a challenge for many, especially in new territories where you lack information. 

(Even in the area of digital marketing where you might feel scared to step out and invest)

However, you can begin to train your mind to be successful, and here are some ways to do that:

Define what you want in your business: We hear a lot about defining goals in your life, but this is also vital when running a business. What is your destination? This applies to digital marketing as well, where setting clear goals and objectives will help you achieve success. In fact, digital marketing is successful only if you step out and start to produce some data to be able to make the adjustments you need to succeed.

You can’t get an ROI from social media if you aren’t willing to focus on the data and have that drive your decisions. You can’t collect that data unless you start by posting.

You can’t sell a service or program through email or ads unless you are willing to invest in testing out your landing page, emails, and offer to see what people love and what they don’t. Data is the heartbeat of marketing.

Be Grateful: Visualize things going as you want them to go, see them work out as you want them to. Feel thankful for what you are believing in and be grateful for them as if you already have them. This process will bring great happiness into your life and help you cultivate the right mindset for success in marketing your business and scaling. 

Nobody scales their business without moments of free thought, creative dreaming and believing even when it is just as easy to doubt things will work. 

Be open to being led: Be open to opportunities that come your way and always go for it. Cultivate an atmosphere of belief and faith in digital marketing, and the opportunities will open up automatically. 

Let me take a moment here to address two areas I see business owners fail because they are not open. 

First is social media. 

Instead of relying on an expert marketer to produce the content they need or to provide them with what they need to succeed, they will do things like:

  • Think they have to be the one that creates everything and spin their wheels for months on content that has to be redone.  
  • Get stuck on what they think is cool, fun or exciting online and want to copy it. This is especially a poor idea when looking at competitors. Digital marketing isn’t about creating what is cool, it is about marketing your business. 
  • Throwing money on ads or marketing with no strategy. This ends up with them basically creating a ton of stuff, paying me to do work for them that doesn’t get results. (This is why I encourage everyone to start with strategy)

Facing failure: Your faith will always be tested, but if you are determined and believe that it will work out, then you will eventually succeed. If you face failure, reassess your plans, and determine if they are as solid as they need to be.

Did you know that there is not a single marketer that has ever existed that has launched a marketing campaign and it succeeded day one? 

This is because data is the life blood of marketing. Everything has to be optimized, tested, tweaked and babysat. You can’t just launch a perfect email campaign, a perfect landing page, and a perfect program and expect that day one you will get results. 

So embrace the failure as data that is telling you what you need to adjust to get better results. In fact, run ads to get data FAST and you will be able to speed up how fast you get an ROI. 

Create a Burning Desire: Cultivate a burning desire in your heart for the things you are going after. This will fuel you to continue and keep you motivated in digital marketing. Building a business is hard and if you are not sold out on making your business a priority then it never will be. There are a ton of businesses failing every year, and if you don’t have a strong enough desire to see it succeed it won’t. 

Guarantee that marketing will work

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality: Whatever you think and believe will manifest in your life. Therefore, cultivate positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your business. 

When I started out in my business I was often worried about making enough money to succeed. Rightly so of course, it’s not easy to start something out the gate with nothing but dreams. But what I noticed is that the more I focused on the lack the more I turned potential clients away. 

Once I started to trust God for my needs and stop looking to specific opportunities the wells of provision opened up and I also started to choose better clients that I love working with. Never start from a place of scarcity or you will produce more of it. 

Believing in yourself and your business is crucial to achieving success and marketing your business. Training your mind to be successful is possible, and by following the steps above, you can cultivate the right mindset to achieve your goals and succeed in marketing your business. 

If you had told me how important mindset and inner work was when I first started my business I wouldn’t have understood. I used to think it was just about getting things done and producing results. 

But the truth is that if you are not open to taking some risks, being open minded and being willing to change course when you need to you will never get results. 

Every once in awhile I get someone who comes to me wanting me to guarantee results. 

I had one business who wanted me to run ads for them but not pay me unless they produced. But when I looked at their website it was slow at loading, there was no way for clients to reach them and they had some real issues with being findable in Google. 

I pointed out that in order to see results they needed to fix these issues. They said they knew of the issues but still wanted to bypass them. That is like saying, “I want you to drive my car even though the tires are flat.”

I had another potential client come to me wanting to only pay me if I got him results. But again his website wasn’t user friendly, it had horrible copy that was all about him and nothing about what he offered. He also had a huge fear of digital marketing and was not open to much. 

Had I accepted either of these clients they would have failed at marketing their businesses because they were closed minded. The moment I would point out what to fix to get better results they just wanted to skip it. 

I share this with you so that you get marketing your business for many can be impossible simply with a limited mindset and not understanding how it works. 

Don’t let that be you!

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