JB The Wizard is a coach and consultant for high achievers who still feel like something is missing. He started his career in filmmaking, but a sprained ankle led him to audition for an athletic film, which he got into, and led him to pursue acting. He eventually became a coach after realizing he had a lot of experience with public speaking and could help people be more authentic while speaking. JB believes in taking charge and going for what you want, regardless of setbacks.He emphasizes the importance of alignment and finding one’s purpose to achieve uncommon success in life and business.      

JB The Wizard is a coach and consultant for high achievers who still feel like something is missing. His journey of acting, directing, and producing brought him to coaching High-Achievers, CEO’s, & Celebrities on Alignment and Mental Clarity for the purpose of LEVELING UP in life and business.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The definition of mindfulness
  • Why it is important to see ourselves as our future self
  • Why you feel like something is missing even when you achieve a lot
  • How to practice mindfulness daily – How to process emotions versus just reacting to what you feel
  • Tips on getting mental clarity and how that helps you level up





How To Find Clarity of Purpose To Achieve Uncommon Success with JB The Wizard

Welcome to thrive radio i'm your host Aimee Montgomery entrepreneur and digital marketing agency owner today my guest is jb the wizard he's a coach and a consultant for high achievers who still feel like something is missing his journey of acting directing and producing brought him to coaching high achievers ceos and celebrities on alignment and mental clarity for the purpose of leveling up in life and business jb welcome to the podcast

hey thanks well said that's spot on that's it

can you share your journey with us on coming from filmmaking to becoming a coach how did that happen

sure right yeah my degree is pre-medical exercise physiology i love the body and when i was in undergrad getting my degree there was a film that came to town if you like and since i was a boy about nine years old i knew i'd be on television i knew i would do something with filming and all of a sudden this is coming to town my mom says hey it's coming you know maybe you want to go audition for it if you like glenn i played basketball and i ran track in
school i played football and this is kind of more of an athletic type film since i went to audition for it and as i was preparing for it and training for it i mean a little bit of a sight story that i sprained my ankle so many times in life and in sports but this was the worst one on the planet and it was the day before this gigantic audition you know and it's a hollywood film and i was like oh my gosh and i was like why did this happen this is always so important you know some people at that point would have stopped because my
foot was like a noodle it was done and i remember i was saying you know that look whatever you believe in god the universe energy whatever your thing is for me i was like if you didn't want me to be in the film fine but not like this and i made this decision like this isn't how it's going to happen a lot of times we ask so much for permission from wherever but it is like no taking charge in this way is like look you didn't want me to film any you can get me cut but this isn't this is not going
to keep me from going for this cool thing about the fact that my degree is pre-medical phys excess physiology i got good education on taping things up and that sort of stuff so i went down taped up my ankle like crazy and i wasn't able to walk either getting into the car but all of a sudden some people may say it's adrenaline i feel like there were two angels that were like doing this to my ankles the whole time and i ended up hundreds of people got cut i did not and i made it in the film and i got the call like i was in
biochemistry which i did not like that class at the time and i got this call back i was walking with a buddy of mine name is wade i haven't spoken with him for a little bit and it said come down on monday for hair and makeup and it was like what you can't get more hot hollywood than that hair and makeup you know and it's like i did it you know and then i ended up meeting the director mike tollens and then it was a film called radio with cuba gooding jr ed harris alfre woodard and all alfred woodard's in c right now all of these
different things and then from there i went back to an agent that didn't want to be my agent at first and then he's like yeah okay i can represent you so then i got him as an agent and then i started to do commercials and things like that and at that point i didn't know anything about theater at all um but i heard from film people that they would make comments about theater and theater people would make comments about films so i said i'm gonna find out for myself so i went auditioned for this theater
play and i didn't know anything and i ended up getting cashed as the lead and then i got cast as the lead in four of the shows and i didn't i never memorized lines i didn't know anything about anything so i was like i have two options either this will be so horribly embarrassing and i'll forget everything and i will nothing will work or i'm going to make this thing be remarkable so like the next day this is like years ago yeah next day i drove to barnes noble's i went to the acting section i
sat down on the floor and i just was going through all of the theater books and acting books and learning everything in like six hours of just boom boom boom and then ended up going super duper well i didn't drive one line at all it just went wonderful it's powerful and from there i went to another theater near the theater another theater and i kept going finished my degree moved out to this is the whole journey moved out to um oklahoma and i knew i wanted to direct i knew acting is good but i wanted to
direct so i found the director of children of the corn which is a film from back in the day and then the producers of the godfather trilogy and i went to them i found out where they were and they were teaching and that's german knock knock knock and i said i want to be director and i want to learn from you and he said okay come to my class i was like okay so then he just let me shadow his whole class and i met all these other students in film degree people and then there was a way that i viewed film and i thought about film and acting
so i started asking questions and after class these students would come up to me and they said the way you spoke will you be in my film because it was like there was a way i was thinking that was interesting to them so then i started getting cast in all of their films and then from there i wrote a film with one of the the people i met wonderful wonderful guy named travis and then that went on to go on a television appearance somewhere and then at a film festival we won like best or nominated for best family picture something like
that was pretty cool and then i continued to do acting then i started to teach acting this whole loop right in in like agencies and places like that during this time i was still doing extra physiology and training some people so at that point i connected with some real real estate moguls and i ended up training miss america there's a point to this alignment that whatever i was doing i always was going to the top whatever it might be you know because that was my goal like you with your curiosity like okay great how
what's the top here what's the top here whatever it is let's see what's going on same thing with me with medicine there's a reason i stopped that path which we can talk about but anyway i got another agent and i ended up getting in prison break on fox and then i ended up getting cast as a resident after the theater there are tens of thousands of actors and they would only cast four and of the four two of them were men and two of them were women and i was one of those two so that was huge and that got me my actors
equity card which got me to work with other um broadway actors and then jensen ackles from uh supernatural and then lou diamond phillips who won the tony for the king and i you know i was actually just messaging just the other day still so like the relationships go long but that happened and then i started to continue to direct and then produce some commercials and at that point a fortune 500 company saw some of my work somehow and they said i think i think we have something that we would like for you to do and so they messaged me
and at that time i did like a wedding or i did like something but i had a style to how i do everything and i was like um and they were like no we feel what you're doing this is what we want for this corporate stuff because like it's dead basically right and i was like okay i can bring life to anything that's that's what i do and then the crazy thing at that point of this story is that the number that i quoted them for how much like to charge to charge them this person was so kind still talk with
her she was so remarkable so so helpful for my life and at that point it was so low it wasn't low for normal people but it was so low for them that they that she told me she said you have to you have to increase this or they're not going to look at your proposal what and so i just want that message to go out to somebody who needs to hear this today that a lot of times myself even included that when it comes to what i do and what i've done in the past there's a karmic balance with this there's a reason for it but at the same
time you want that number to be an alignment as well because you might be thinking what it's only x amount and it's cheaper than blank but it might not be in your alignment so that might be why you're not getting hired or worked or whatever you know and then when you say that number that's yours it's not really about money or numbers it's really just about alignment again because it's just energy just matching up then i doubled the number now this is multiple five figures right so it doubled the number and then
she was like they're still not going to look at that i was like what so then i quadrupled the number and at this point my own self was like a little bit like nervous and thinking like oh my gosh you know this is so crazy and the wild thing to this story part is it was myself leveling up it was myself going through this expansion to be capable and comfortable with these numbers and this amount of energy that if you most people are they don't go through the discomfort so then they stay where they are because
it feels comfortable but even this morning i did something so my wife something it's not stupid but so pushing always the boundaries you know because that's the way to level up and so just going through that extreme discomfort helped and then guess what it still wasn't quite high enough so i had to raise it again oh so it was like what and at that point they ended up choosing it okay and it was like crazy and then that was like oh oh okay and so from there i was doing i started to i traveled across north america and i was
making these films and things and i was working with a hired academy award-winning cinematographers that were on like jay leno you know they were they were my crew now people work for lucasfilm stuff like that so then i and for the most part i almost it's not that i didn't know what i was doing but i didn't you know i did it you know but what i do have is the same thing that happened when i twist my ankle i i will get it done and it will be done very well and i will be either the best at it during the learning process or after
either way i'm going to be i'm going to bring myself to the top so i did and then that went super duper well and at some point i realized after we did that i said you know as a director and as an actor people think acting is pretending acting is not pretending acting is telling the truth whenever you see acting that a person who doesn't know anything about acting think sucks it's what they're seeing is they're watching a lot when uh no one no one goes to the movies to uh watch somebody live we all go to
the movies and we all watch on the netflix to watch an honest actual story happening where you're like poof embarrassed by something that happens you're embarrassed for the character because in that moment the character is in that moment so as an actor your real job is to be completely honest completely authentic and be completely in the moment so as a director my job is to help people be completely honest be completely authentic be completely in the moment and to feel safe with me so one day i was driving up to philly
i love philly's got a great energy there and i said how can i do the core of what i do without all of the noise and distractions like if i were to remove the camera in order to remove the editing and i were to remove the cinematography and the lighting and the mics and all of the other stuff that go and go ahead and recharging all the stuff that happened to make a film what would i be left with it would be left with me and another human and me helping them to be authentic so then i says huh and at some point i
heard is like warren buffett probably and he says the number one skill to have is public speaking and he said because the number one fear is the public speaking so then i was thinking whoa hold on i've got a lot of experience with public speaking i've performed in front of thousands of people on stages and on camera and in all of these different situations i'm quite an expert there so if i were to help people with public speaking the real thing that all that happens is it helped them to be authentic
i'm the perfect guy for this job so then i started to say put that out there hey i help people with public speaking and being authentic and i help people to get over that fear so that whatever else could happen so i started to put that out there on social media and then people started to raise their hands hey can you coach me and i had to go through the same thing again how much do i charge you know what do i do you know do i know what i'm talking about how do i feel about this and i had to find my own alignment with that to
realize i'm amazing at this you know and it's like even if it looks like this is helpful to people you're doing something different you're typically never ever really doing anything different you're just it's like people watching tom hanks the people will watch tom hanks over and over again in lots of different films the reason is because you know tom hanks you know what to expect you know what you're getting but it's tom hanks in a different scenario that you're watching
the same thing happens with our own lives it's all us we're just in different scenarios and if you could remember how you leveled up here and bring that to this new scenario then you're still the expert but in this new area and if you can understand that that will help you when you deal with naysayers and people who don't understand that people will say jb you don't have a um a personal training certificate basically and it was like so i had to remember i could have made two choices i could have said
oh no you're right i guess i'm not qualified or i could have said who made up that certificate okay well i'm gonna make myself up stamp and then i end up training miss america like it's that irrelevant right or who are you to do a coach are you certified with blank blank blank it's like well who came up with that certification why don't i make up my own certification and then i'm certified with that you know yeah you can do that that's all it is you know if you could if you could remember that when people
come you know against you that could help you to stay strong and go in in your own alignment so i did that and then people started to say my clients started to say the reason so they started to realize like we're not really talking about public speaking like what made you connect with me and they said you looked so happy and i i do smile and i do laugh and i am happy but i also don't view myself as like this happy-go-lucky guy that's all whatever so i was like what why did why do you think i'm happy you know
you know but they just did and it and that's why they were connected i was like you're connected because because i look happy because they wanted that and they wanted i continued to try to figure out like what is it though in this authenticity they want it to be authentic they want it to be themselves and what happens when people connect with me or talk with me this is i i think largely because of my father i just don't care what people have gone through like it's not i don't have a judgment on like i don't i don't
criticize that you know because people are just people right so it allows people to just talk and share and in that process you know there are things that open up and unlock for them and that's that's the same thing that happens with acting and directing when you get to that honest vulnerable open spot now we've got that healing that happens now we have alignment now when we have alignment what we can do is we can sell with confidence we can speak with power we can coach we can do we can level up we can speak to our spouse in the
appropriate way we can speak to friends and bosses and anybody else in a way that can allow us to be authentic in our true selves so that's what continued in that trajectory so that's how i went from acting directing medicine all the way to coaching and at that point when i would see a problem i would reach out to people you know and that's when celebrities and i that wasn't my initial goal but it's typical that it would happen because we always go to the top right so then celebrities and emmy and grammy
award winners are reaching out to me and they're like hey i got everything i'm on the front covers of magazines but something is still missing and i gotta level up because they're the type of people also that don't stop and that's the type of people i love you know so then ceos would connect and then uh top sales people doing 100 million per year what would would connect and kind of deal with the same problem my favorite people are these people the celebrities and the top sales people because they just don't
stop going to the next level and all they need is this little tweak to help them get out of their own way and that's where i'm you know a master so that's that's that part of the story i absolutely love your story and you know i used to do acting myself and so anyone that is in in the arts i just like i get all excited it's so much fun right right yeah and so like walking through that what are you grateful for now oh man my children i don't know i love my children i've got six little ones and my littlest
one she's she's 10 months now i mean it's maybe not related but it is yeah because that's where happiness is it's the things that matter right right totally like they're just man they're awesome so i freaking i'm super grateful for them i'm also grateful man you know what i would say i was grateful for that i didn't expect to think of is that i always get it's almost like i always get paid to learn right which is fun so when they when they brought me in to do those films and
i didn't know anything about whatever i learned very quickly that is a skill i would say that i have and so i'm grateful to all of the the learning that happened throughout all of those processes and that i was able to i guess this is the typical thing but you know be happy and enjoy life through each stage you know so at this point oh man i'm it's not finished i don't think it ever ever stops i think even when you die it doesn't stop so but the growth that keeps happening like doesn't stop happening like if you
think oh i've arrived or i hit this point or i'm now part of this movie the reason people get sad a lot of times is because they think there's an arrival point and there's no arrival point so that's the thing that like sucks but it's awesome like if there were an arrival point you'd be like very bored and it would suck but since there's no arrival point that's just awesome so once you get there guess what you don't get comfortable there enjoy it and then get ready to level up again
yeah i really love that because you're right life goals are a lot like mirages you go after it you go after you go after it and then you've got it and then in some ways that mirage that water you were after that whatever disappears because you've attained it yep and then it's like okay now what other mirage am i getting and i call it you know like i think mirage is good because a good analogy because it does kind of have that scent that feeling of disappearing right you know once you obtain it you're like
okay i now attained all of this yeah and if you could just get comfortable with mirages and know that they are that then just go after the mirage and once you get there and it disappears oh my gosh look at this leaf oh my gosh this is a beautiful chipmunk whoa this is super duper cool and then like oh there's another mirage go enjoy it as well you know that because that's what it is you know that's what ends up happening yeah yeah it's good so what is your definition of mindfulness yeah mindfulness is great so
meaning if we can understand what it is it's literally being in this moment being present that's that's it so the tricksy thing is that you know sadness is like a memory of something that happened in the past and then anxiety is something that you are concerned that's going to happen in the future which is really what featuring is about but that's but but the story wrote is like but that's not featuring so the idea of being mindful or present that's really it now it can get a bit tricky because you
could think that that's all there is so how do you blend being present with also going after a particular goal you can and that's again the process i created i call it futuring the main thing though is that you want to be here right now because this is literally all that there is and what this is what exists this is it this is right now like the future didn't happen yet and the past is already finished like it's this moment so if you can understand that that's pretty awesome because then you'll be
happy because in this moment there isn't really sadness you know even man you know i'm jewish so we talk about the holocaust a lot even in that one this is how victor franco made that through in that moment he wasn't thinking oh gosh this sucks he was the way he dealt with it in his mind is like this is an experiment this is gonna be wild to write about when we're finished and then he did exactly that you know but if he had a different mindset i don't know if he would have made it you know i don't know how it
would have been but in this particular moment you have the opportunity to see the truth that you want to see and then what you can do is notice the mirage but still be present and what we call it in hebrew cleats out the dallas but and i call it futuring but it's to bring that future into this particular moment that's how you actually become one with the mirage and still continue in that direction while being present it's a bit complex but that's the way to do it why is it important to see ourselves as
our future self yeah great so the reason is because whoever you are that's who you are and let me say that again this idea sometimes of let's say the future self or the future version of you it either is you or it's not you so i was on a different show this guy does really well and you know deals with tony robbins and all of that stuff and he said he was asking for help but they said i want to be a billionaire and i said you either are one or you're not one like this is important to understand because a millionaire is different than
a multi-millionaire is different than a billionaire is different than like a non one of those they're different types of people okay those numbers are representatives of certain behaviors that's all they are it's not that thing makes you that you are that and then that catches up that's how this works so if you can understand who you are everything else will catch up so that's why this idea of i want to be or this is who i see myself as later you want to bring that to right now is that you or is that not you
that's not me you know who who am i and as that process happens you begin to become that thing you thought was over there and when that happens that's a form of you bringing that future to this particular moment and then from this state when you are that person that you know you are that you thought was further ahead but is currently right here then you begin to live everything else begins to catch up to you that's powerful why do we feel like something is missing when we achieve a lot and you kind of touched on this already
but yeah a lot of times this this this cool phrase of achieve a lot is tricksy because what does that mean what does that mean so typically this idea of achievable is someone else's measuring stick so if you're using someone else's measuring stick that's not your own you're real your own it's not going to work it's not going to work because it's not really your measuring stick right so somebody else if you've accomplished becoming a producer of a big show or an actor in this big thing or you've made x amount
of dollars or you got a new position at this job but that's not who you feel you are that's not your alignment but everybody else sees and thinks it's great and you should be happy with it the truth is are you happy with it or are you not is that you or is it not if it's not you you will not feel satisfied no matter what if you made 10 million dollars and you're supposed in who you are is it a 100 million dollars you're not gonna feel satisfied and then you might have some conditioning that makes you feel like
you're being ungrateful but screw the conditioning screw whatever else is saying that and figure out what the truth is because at this point it's not about dollars it's not about achievements it's literally about you living the reason you're here you came to this planet for a reason if you do not do that reason you will feel like something is missing how can someone practice mindfulness daily and especially when you're in an environment a high stress high achieving environment how do you
practice mindfulness in that the simple way the fun way is you want to bring something to that environment or in that moment that makes you happy that you like period a lot of times for me when i work with clients is i find out you know what happened or what did they enjoy when they're a kid i skateboard every day skateboarding for me started when i was like nine i still my whole family skateboards and my daughter was born you know i delivered her here uh when she was 10 hours old i brought her outside and put her on a skateboard
you know so skateboarding is big for us so skateboarding is that for me and it brings you into this particular moment that one does for me another thing that i like which is interesting is i don't know how to call them you know like cars from like the store like like matchbox cars or hot wheels yeah like hot wheels so basically disney when they did like the pixar movie cars called cars i really i like them a lot so they you know so for me if i'm i don't have it right here with me but if i'm on an
interview or if i'm just writing something i'll have my one of my cards right in front of me and i'll hold it just i just like them and make me feel cool and happy you know so there might be it could be a candle it could be a scent it could be a toy you know for me a lot of times it's a toy of some sort you know or sometimes what i'll do is i'll bring my skateboard and i'll just sit it next to me and i just like to touch it you know and that that does something you know it can connect you to this moment
that's all we need is to to come back to a moment that makes us feel positive as opposed to being in a place where you want to escape yeah so the second part to that of course is the hard part is to take the action step like i hate the phrase like knowledge is power because it's not like action is power you want to act on the knowledge and so if you're in a place where you don't like to be you know you want to get out of there whatever it might be it could be a relationship it could be a job it could
be a location it could be all kind of a thought process it could be a lot of things and so the action steps are very very hard and difficult and challenging but that's also where life is so if you can do that the journey of even escaping can be very very uncomfortable but it's it's a journey and that's what life is and then when you're out of it you will be who you are you know how can we process emotions versus just reacting to what you feel such as like medicating your top emotion let's say
you just feel whatever reason you don't know why you just feel anxiety so you're gonna go and you're gonna eat junk food or you're going to drink or you're going to blow up or whatever how do you deal with that and especially for people that really haven't had the opportunity to kind of dive in and learn that they can process an emotion sure i think there's two simple ways number one my magic things are pen and paper okay i've got that's my magic everything like my ideas my the films i
think of the storyboards i got a pen and a paper wow or a napkin you know whatever it is this is the power these are like my magic tools so that's one thing that i'll share with you and then the other thing is go ahead and just say it like i've had times where it's like this is bothering me so much or if you're angry fine this is making me angry and because you'll go through a path you'll realize once we go ahead and say that nothing can make you angry it's a decision you're choosing
but if you go ahead and say this is pissing me off this is this made me very sad this makes me feel extremely uncomfortable go ahead and say these words let's articulate them the main thing is we got to get this stuff out why because what happens is that cortisol is the stress hormone that actually studied when i was working on a phd thing when that stress hormone is not able to be utilized this is when and how and why it causes damage inside of the body okay once it can be uh utilized then it can be used so same thing with
adrenaline if your body's like oh my god there's a bear but really it's a text message you got your body doesn't know the difference and all of a sudden it goes adrenaline bow shoots up adrenaline and then your body's like where are we running to meanwhile you're not running you're not running you're sitting so the increased adrenaline and the increased cortisol sits and it pulls and that's where we begin to have certain damage so what can we do here so what i want to do when i want to speak that
thing out i can care and i don't mean like say it to the whole neighbors and stuff like this into the world you know to yourself say it out you know what i mean don't like go on the social media this is useless like get it out for yourself see it and then all of a sudden you'll be able to realize like oh i'm choosing this ocean yeah i do feel that and then that will already alleviate a lot of it or a lot of it everywhere you want to do it you'll have a lot less and then the writing part comes from like okay so
what's going on how can i solve this problem what can i do about it when we ask that question after we go ahead and alleviate some of the topical thing when we ask that question the brain can come up with solutions how can i solve this what can i do about that where should i go things like i can't or i don't or whatever the brain goes what'd you say oh i can't yeah hey guys we can't don't no don't send any ideas we just said we can't we don't know shut it down and then the brain can't come up
with ideas so we have to understand how to work with ourselves as a body and as a person and to really master all of these things to really get the full efficiency of who we are as a human so when we're dealing with these particular emotions let's go ahead and name them talk and get them out and then ask the correct question like what can i do about this how can i solve this problem that type of thing get out the pen in the paper and something will give you some ideas that will come to you what are some tips on getting
mental clarity and how does that help you level up there's two actually when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night if you like some people talk about the brain going more towards the theta state if you like that data state tends to be where we were up until the age of seven and then what happens is when that particular frequency of the brain shifts and changes technically you could view it as things being locked and loaded and then once they get locked and loaded depending on what was put in into there
during that frame of life if you like could inhibit us or not inhibit us and so what as that continues there are other cultural and religious and familial and uh peer pressures and opinions and things that come on you to shape your perceived perception of life and what you should be doing so what we can do when we're closer to the state of state morning let's say evening also is we can really tap into the truth of things before it gets not diluted but tainted and that's when we pull out that pen and paper again and what we want to do is
think about or write down those ideas and thoughts that you have of the way you want your life to look now like a vision board type of thing only and then it can't just stay there we just need to see it with our eyes one of the things i love about filmmaking and a pen is that technically in our mind this is intangible technically it doesn't exist but all of a sudden when we use our muscles in this touch which is like one of our senses and then we scrape across the paper and then all of a sudden our eyeballs can see
we're really beginning to activate we could hear activate our senses to bring something to actual life and so this is also the process that happens if we can go here when you're in that theta state what we want to do for this clarity that's the time you're going to be most clear and that's we want to take that time where you have most of your clarity that you can get and even if there's a hint of that clarity let's get it out on paper so that our mind our eyes can see it and we can say wait a second that's real and
then the subconscious again it doesn't really know the difference between real and fake and once you begin to see that's real your brain can ask the question again how do i accomplish that and now if we are in a walking state typically between i think it's 92 to 95 of subconscious behavior throughout the day if we can get the subconscious behavior on board bringing us towards who we are reality this is what i call residual income this is what i call passive income this is what i call uh caloric burning by increasing our metabolic
basal rate while not even having to exercise that's what we want to do with the subconscious and this is the way to um do that when it comes to the accessing your mental clarity in addition to doing something you love in addition to doing something that makes you happy in addition to being present i mean at that point there is no other way to go than up when it comes to leveling up there is no other way to go because typically when people try to level up they try to do it in a way that runs harder and runs faster and tries
more and does everything just ah like that all that happens is things get more tense the blood pressure increases but there's no outlet this is not the way to level up this is the way to have increased anxiety increase stress increased pain more strain in your relationships more inability to be in in this particular moment it's a recipe for complete disaster and then what happens in the mind sometimes once you experience that anxiety one time you think oh god i don't want to level up because that was horrible so then people
want to stay here because and now they perceive leveling up as 80 hours a week instead of 40 they perceive it that way so they begin to shoot themselves in the foot the real answer is to get on a different pipeline increase the efficiency use the 80 20 pareto's principle do 20 to get 80 of your results and this is the way with the whole subconscious stuff and writing at that particular time that we can level up with a lot less tension you've also gotten into nfts recently and this is something that's new some
people know about it some people don't know about it and you and i were talking about this a little bit there are people out there that don't understand it because they think you know i can just take a screenshot of of an image why is it valuable so do you want to share a little bit about your journey with nfts yeah nfts are beautiful beautiful beautiful and i love them so much i've i've been i'll use the words interested and highly educated about crypto since way before it was invented so this is like a lot of this is a long
time so at this point when you introduce this expression of that particular world you are i guess it's become more more popular popularized if you like so what's happening at this point with these nfts it doesn't matter that it means non-fungible token because that doesn't mean anything to anybody either but typically what people see them as is pictures my profile picture is that in linkedin and everything like that there what does it mean really it is a picture but because it is i want to get don't want to get too
technical but but because it is let's just say on a blockchain is also confusing basically this picture has a lot of secret hidden codes written into it like a lot of numbers if you like and if you take a screenshot of it you don't have those numbers you have a topical layer it's almost just like looking at somebody on the outside and thinking they're pretty or handsome but not knowing who they are as a human this is like taking a screenshot of a nft you don't know who the nft is on the inside
okay and on the inside is what matters on the inside is what we have hidden in their these contracts their contracts that are in there they execute with certain behaviors so if you have a picture just thing on the outside you can't do anything with it and it is it is not valuable at all if it has all the code and execution things in it this is what increases the value you can check for authenticity you can check if it's legitimate or not if what something comes across is not legitimate it doesn't have the value
because we want to have all of the codes and hidden numbers and secrets and the inner workings of that thing that's simply represented with an image that most other people see that's what they're that's what actually is happening if there's somebody that's listening that's kind of curious about nfts and maybe they're an artist or or something like that what's a piece of advice that you would give them sure sure so for me what what i do now bringing the directing and the coaching and the
nfts all together is i'm directing nft film projects and and consulting with the media aspect of that and so what that means is there's actually a nft project i'm directing creating a series for right now called united aliens and if you go to united aliens dot club you should get there if you go on twitter to at united aliens 21 you should be able to get there but this you're gonna notice images behind those images are numbers you know the whole information but behind all of that there's a company behind all of that
there's a person with a vision there's a person who's wanting to accomplish something with what we would call a collection so like the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper if someone wants to draw pictures and create art what you can do is create that art but you're going to want to also connect with a developer and someone who could write the code for that so that you could put it into the nft you know blockchain so that other people can purchase it this is the way to get into that world
most of the world operates in twitter and then on discord right so there's so much to learn there's a server that i have i wonder if it goes to it i think it does just connect with me if the wizard is real on twitter or jb the wizard anywhere else like linkedin instagram facebook those are all jb the wizards and so if you go there get to the discord server go to the twitter that sort of thing there one of my service kind of walks through what nft's are and then how to get in that get in that world a little bit more
but for the most part again there's there's room for everyone what you what you notice in this community is a very giving community and i find it to be very passionate project oriented and um you know impacting the world and a lot of it will change the whole world no question but in a lot of ways that's actually the there's a lot of charities associated with this almost every project donates to something like tons and tons of money to something so that's that's the way to go if your artist you
can draw connected to what we call like the metadata it'll be on the ethereum blockchain or something else and that's the pathway to go when it comes to that if that makes sense there's a learning process there but thank you for sharing with with us about that so let's talk about some of your client success stories some that are on the website like they'll say uh i mean this is how i got the name the wizard is because different things would happen that like didn't seem to make sense and that's what
charlie messaged me basically a lot of times i guess money is related but money is energy so once you get into alignment and once you're clear on what your purpose is then it can come if the money would come when you're not in alignment it's almost like speeding up a car that's not in alignment and the steering wheel will shake and then it gets dangerous and you get into a wreck so sometimes we're like i want money i want money or money and then it's really like a gift from god that you don't have
it yet you know yeah and it's like then once you get into alignment then there's more of a clear flow so i i tend to notice that one of my clients man this he's doing well before like i said with the magazines and stuff but the speaking rate was not where they wanted it to be and then we like i don't remember where he wanted it to be but then we got into 30 40 50 60 000 where it was not there before it was still great but like just multiples greater that happened feelings of acceptance happen i get messages on verbals for uh
billion dollars in funding where that was not even present before that's probably the that's pretty crazy one the ability to leave a particular job and to do what somebody wanted to do that's another one of my clients where he actually just posted publicly about that i'm saying things that are publicly okay either people yeah yeah of course like i was able to stop doing what i didn't like that i hated for 10 years and then now i'm doing what i love and then you know the money's coming in a lot easier than it
did before like i said some people were dealing with um seven figure changes one of my clients the bank account got super crazy low and then a few like crazy crazy crazy though and then you know i won't say hello but just crazy low and then a few weeks later they it was a few months it was probably two months later five six million dollar deal closed you know that wasn't there before and just to know where to look i always feel like people are like sitting on the this is constantly always you're always
sitting on your money you just don't realize it but the bigger things though is i love to work with people who they are doing well already but what i like about it is that to themselves they're just getting started here's what's refreshing for me they always want you know more money or more passive income that that doesn't really change but the cool thing to me is when they realize the answer is in that mental clarity that's refreshing to me because sometimes i'll deal with people who just
want to know how to make more money and that's easy to do but to do that with somebody who doesn't have a steering wheel that's an alignment that's dangerous and it's not good to do and it's less fun it's less fun for me i love making people money i sincerely i it's so fun for me and so when people know it's themselves getting in their own way and when they know they're doing well but they want to they know they're not where they want to be yet or their full selves that's that's really exciting
that's exciting to me so those those are some of the results i'm trying to think of another one oh leaving i mean i don't say that they need to leave their business stuff but some of them are in therapy for 25 years we work together for six weeks and then they they stop their therapy or they say and then they're good to go after that so it's not like that's a pretty big one because what i find because i don't i never went so i would say like what's the difference what's there between me and a therapist and
they're like are you kidding me i was like no i'm for real seriously i don't know like you're talking to me you're talking to that person i don't see what's the difference really you know and they would say just that i think they tend to say that i get to the root of the problem actually and then we uproot that thing as opposed to let's talk it out how do you feel about that that's really horrible you want to revisit that or it's more so like this trash thing happened and i'm typically
like yeah that sucks all right next what we do now and that whole thing just gets them moving you know forward as opposed to wallowing and then it seems to be that they tend to feel the actual not judgment so they're really big moments that happen during you know our calls if you like that is like a brick that was just on their chest that they oftentimes didn't even know was there it's stifling every part of who they are and know in their core to be and then when that gets removed it's like and they could breathe and like what and
then the whole world this is direct quotes there's someone posted publicly on instagram it's like it's an actual whole different world now you know and that's that's exciting so that's those are some examples what is your truth that has gotten you this far in your journey i would say a hundred trillion percent is i have never and i don't ever tolerate anything less than truth my truth my alignment like it's not humanly possible for me it's not humanly possible one there was a time when many there's
several times i had no money at all like some people saying they had like a thousand like nothing like i mean i was looking for dimes and quarters in the couch cushions like nothing and and i did have an agent though at the time and then there was this gig they found for me that was going to pay pretty good but the gig i didn't agree with it just felt like it wasn't in my alignment i didn't want to represent that it just didn't feel right you know and then i didn't i didn't do it and it
wasn't like me being all like i'm gonna stand up i just like yo i can't do that pass you know and um that has created extremely difficult and challenging situations for me but one were in the midst of the challenging and difficult situation that was in my authenticity and powerful since i have constantly acted in that way in all of those horrible situations in these higher up situations i've built that muscle up right if a person is offering me a very large amount of money but i could feel that
something is off no and it doesn't if you don't fix this problem when you're here you're gonna have the problem when you're here yeah so that truth and that alignment thing has continually served me and it still serves me constantly like now so i'm not really tolerating something that's not your alignment being comfortable in the uncomfortable i think is something that's very a lot of money meaning energy for me it's a lot of wealth like a lot of times when i'm giving something over
to my kids i'll say who about to give you a ton of money right now get ready for this if you implement this this is a ton so they sit down and we go through it you know so i think those two things you know getting comfortable in the uncomfortable is constantly enabling me and helping me to to level up big time if you're able to give yourself one piece of advice when you first started out what would it be oh this is funny pay attention to who you marry [Laughter] that will make you break you kill you that's it that's trying to i can't ever
get away from that and like it will um i guess if you look at it energetically like if you're really actually becoming one with another human being then you're literally becoming one with another human being so that means that you want to make sure that another human being that you're becoming one with is in your alignment that's it because if they're not it's like a disease it will kill your physical body it'll kill your emotional body you can't get away from it no matter divorce no matter this you can't get
away from it because now you've got children and then grandchildren you you can never get away from that so i would say be patient or make sure that the person is in alignment with you this is like not just the happiest thing but like the most powerful and probably biggest indicator for your success in life i noticed that with a lot of the clients i work with one of the major things that come up is relationships even and how to communicate with the spouse to some degree so that that'd be my number one number one and then closely following
that is that you already have the answers you already have the answers you just need to quiet the noise so that you can acknowledge the answers you already have and then of course the third step is take action on those answers so that's how i would say that if someone is listening right now and they would love to work with you what's the best way to contact you yeah go to jbthewizard.
com and then click on schedule a call i think that's the best way jb thank you so much for coming on and sharing your expertise today yeah thanks for having me this is a long time waiting and i'm so happy we were able to do it our first call was so good it wasn't recorded but like it was such a great conversation so i'm so happy we're able to do this yeah i'm really glad too and if you're listening you want more information about a call to thrive you can go to a call to thrive.com thank you
everyone and have a wonderful week

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