Digital Marketing Strategy: Creating your marketing plan

Increase your client leads and increase your revenue with a marketing plan

One of the top things that businesses miss out on is creating a solid marketing plan. 

I think this is because they tend to go after tactics first desperately trying to get things to work, but if you don’t have a plan you are relying too much on tactics to get you the ROI that you want.

Digital Marketing plans are different than marketing plans that you would see in traditional marketing 20 years ago, digital marketing is a completely different animal because you need to be extra aware of how to build relationships online.

When most business owners get stuck in marketing, they’re stuck in one of three things:

  1.  Either they don’t know what works. And so they’re throwing spaghetti at the wall trying absolutely everything. Because they don’t know what’s working, they just get really frustrated that they’re not getting the ROI that they want. They feel like nothing is working. this doesn’t work. 

  2. They had a tactic that worked and got real results but now it’s not enough. And you need to take your business to the next level. So they need new tools and tactics, right? 

  3. The third one is going to be that they tried something, and it works, but now what? They were a one-hit wonder. . . it’s not something that you can just create this predictable growth in your business.

For this reason, when I’m working with businesses, I will put together a marketing plan which includes the three components that you need to succeed. This is what is called the growth flywheel and it is how to create predictable growth in your business.

This process starts with diagnosing what’s going on in your business right now, what is working and what isn’t. Do you have a process in place that is bringing leads into your business while you sleep? How do people go from social media into become buyers?

Then the next thing is that you’ve got to have tons of tools and tactics. You’ve gotta know what is working in the market. Now, this is where I think I bring a lot of value to my clients because I’m always on top of the latest tools and tactics.

I’m always on top of what works, not just what worked a couple of years ago, but what is working now, I’m part of an amazing mastermind of brilliant other marketers and I rely on them for new ideas, they rely on me for new ideas. When you have that type of a network that you can pull on and that’s your full-time job, it’s very easy for me to come up with all of these ideas to help my clients because I’m so connected. 

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing tactic, try this tool or tactic, and too bad if it doesn’t work. So I like to provide all the options and lots of back-up. So we’re covered.


The next thing that we go into is creating this plan that is going to work for your business for the next 90 days.

  • What has to happen in the next 90 days?
  • Do you need new leads?
  • Do you need to create more revenue?
  • Do you need to get more referrals?
  • Do you need more testimonials, do more. People need to be aware of your business.
  • Where are we focusing?
And so we go through this diagnosis process and we figure out where we’re focusing to scale your business to the next level. Next we walk through ideation with tools and tactics, and then we go into the execution.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist

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This is why you have to measure KPI's to get real results in marketing

Let’s talk for a moment about the importance of measuring KPIs and the results of your execution. 

This is the part that everyone hates, and the reason for that is its data. Nobody likes to go in and some people like to go in and track all the data and the numbers, but most people don’t, most people are like, it’s either gonna work or it’s not gonna work, but here’s the reason why you have to track KPIs in the digital marketing realm is let’s say you set up your website and you’re expecting people to come to your website and they’re gonna book appointments with.

And let’s say you ran an ad, you’re running this ad and people are clicking through it’s working on the ads side of thing, but when they get to your website, they don’t opt in. They don’t book an appointment. Then we know what the problem area is. It is then data driven decisions, not emotional decisions. 

When it comes to building your business, it is a very emotional thing, right?

You put blood, sweat, and tears into your website, into your emails, into your content, into your services. And when you’re dealing with that, it’s very easy to get stuck in your head. And I find this a lot with business owners where it’s, we are running ads to this X, Y, Z product or service. It’s not converting.

The ads are working fine. We got a great ROI when it comes to that, but nobody’s buying it’s where they’re going. It’s that page. 

And when you put blood, sweat, and tears in that, and maybe other people have purchased, you can really get messed up in your mind of why it’s not converting. And you might think to yourself, if I just get more traffic, that’s the way it will convert. . . 

And I’ve actually worked with people that struggle to get through that mindset of people have purchased in the past. . .but why have they purchased? 

Why did they convert before? 

What did you do outside of that page to convert? 

And they’re like, oh yeah, our owner would go around and do these conferences. Okay.

So they purchased because of him, but he’s no longer part of this equation. So why should they purchase now?

 So we need to revamp this. So that’s just an example of how we can get stuck in our heads. And so when we go through and we execute things and we measure things, then we have some data to figure out what needs to tweak in order to make things work.

Then we go back the report. We say, okay, what worked? What met our expectations, exceeded our expectations. Let’s get some targeted goals here for our business. What are we gonna reach? Making sure that each one of these things that we’re doing is actually bringing in an ROI for your business. And if it’s not bringing an ROI in your business, guess what?
We’re gonna take it off the table. We’re gonna move to the next thing that is going to produce something new in your business. This is why I ALWAYS give my clients all the tactics they can be harnessing.

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