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Master Phil Ross, is the founder of The Bodybuild Method, RKC Master, and a ninth-degree black belt with 40 years of experience in fitness, martial arts, and coaching. He grew up with a passion for fitness and fighting, influenced by his grandfather who was a boxing trainer, and the TV show Kung Fu. Ross has trained special forces, local and federal law enforcement, D1 all-American wrestlers, football, soccer, and lacrosse players, doctors, and celebrities, among others.
He is featured in the book “End of Back Pain” by Dr. Pat Roth, providing exercises for the back, and they both appeared on several TV shows together.
Helping you take your coaching business to the next level, he offers training in kettlebells and specializes in bodyweight training. His passion for fitness and martial arts has taken him around the world.

Master Phil Ross is a Founder of The BodyBell Method, RKC Master, Bodyweight Specialist ACE Certified Trainer, College Professor and 9th Degree Black Belt. He has 40 years of experience as a competitor, trainer, coach and instructor. He is the author of Survival Strong and Ferocious Fitness.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How The BodyBell Method Can Improve Your Health
  • How trainers get certification
  • The key to overcoming adversity and staying motivated
  • The 90 Days of suck
  • Why self-defense is important and how to start learning
  • How to get in shape online from home

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