Helping Youth With Pandemic Trauma with Dr Tara Kfoury

Dr. Tara Kfoury is the founder of RIVER Educational Consulting and a Child & Adolescent Transformative Specialist who helps parents, teachers, and administrators recognize and address mental health-related behaviors that prevent students from learning and thriving in an academic environment. She believes that all children and adolescents should be provided a safe, non-judgmental space to unpack and understand their feelings, learn strategies to cope in healthier ways, and build a new sense of inner strength to move through life with vigor.


In this podcast you will learn:

  • Signs a child is dealing with trauma
  • How to help children address some of the mental health struggles so that it doesn’t inhibit their education
  • How can parents, teachers and others help children dealing with trauma from the pandemic?
  • The best ways for parents to contribute to help not just their own children but also support other children that may be dealing with mental health struggles

Connect with Dr Tara here:



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