Stop The Overwhelm and Create A Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

When it comes to the best social media marketing tips ever the first thing I want to focus on is what you should post.

Knowing what to post on social media can be overwhelming because there are so many people posting different things, and you look at what they’re posting, you think maybe I should be posting that, and it can be very confusing.




Here is the very first strategy you want to go after. 

1. You've got to know your avatar aka your ideal customer

You want to be super narrow on who your business is for. Even if your products and services could reach absolutely everybody out there, you want a narrow focus so that your messaging does not get watered down. Make it about your ideal customer, that person that you want to help and those you want to find on social media. Create content that they will find valuable. 



2. When putting your social media marketing strategy together, start by making content about their struggles

  • What are they dealing with? 
  • What do they feel? 
  • How do you know they’re struggling? 
  • What’s their day? 
  • What’s happening in their life? 
  • Why are they struggling? 
  • Focus on those struggles? 

Talk about the struggles. . . 

It’s just like how I’m talking with you right now about the struggle of keeping up with social media, and I’m going to solve that for you today. Talk about your ideal customer and client’s struggles and include that in your social media marketing strategy. Then you know that you’re going to be able to solve their problems and give them helpful solutions.


3. Focus on creating core content for your social media

In fact, the best social media marketing tip I can give you today would be to challenge you to go out there and create, even this week, the next two weeks, a new blog post or a new piece of core content every single day on social media. 

What do I mean by core content? 

There should be one platform that’s the primary platform that you create all of your content. For me, it is either YouTube or TikTok. Then I repurpose it all.  Sometimes I repurpose other things from other platforms, like if I make a video on TikTok, sometimes I put them on my YouTube channel. Sometimes they do well on YouTube, but generally, I take my YouTube videos and I turn them into other forms for social media. (Read my blog on more ways to repurpose your content)

This really is one of the best social media marketing practices if you can utilize it because it means your social media is always on, never goes dead.


4. The best social media marketing tools

If you are primarily on one platform and that’s your main one, and that’s where you create all of your content, like I’m mainly on YouTube, right, that’s my main place. The rest of them are secondary.


Here is a secret. . . 


There is a tool out there, there’s a couple of them, and I’ll link them down below so you can check them out yourself. AppSumo sometimes has some deals on these types of platforms, so go ahead and check them out.

Meet Edgar is a social media marketing tool that allows you to post evergreen content. 

What that means is that you can take all of your social media posts, with your beautiful graphics and everything that you’ve worked so freaking hard on. . . 


. . . .because I know it’s a lot of work unless you’re outsourcing it…. 


. . .you’re going to upload that all into the system. 


It’s got all of your nice little copy that you’ve written, all your hard work, and you’re going to hook this up to your Instagram account, you’re going to hook it up to your Facebook, and you’re going to hook it up to your Twitter, and you’re going to hook it up to your LinkedIn, and you can put your podcast in there if you have a podcast, you can put videos in there. 


Any social media content that you have, repurposes – how is THAT for a social media marketing strategy? 

You can even put RSS feeds, so if there’s another blog that you know that your demographic loves, you can pull that content in and pull pieces of content from other creators.


The great thing about this is that you go in and you approve all the different content, and you set it all up, and then it’s consistently posting. You get to forget about your social media. 


Even if you miss a month where you are not creating new content, your content is still getting posted. You still have content posted, and you’re not leaving your social media high and dry. 


You can set it up that it only posts a certain amount of time, and then it expires. 

You can set it up so that it always repurposes. 

The beauty about this, the one thing that I love is that, because it’s so easy to fall behind, these platforms that do this, they actually will kind of carry the load for you. Then you go in, and when you have time, you upload all of the beautiful graphics that you’ve had time to do. You get some new ones in there, right, some new information, and it just starts to flow it in with everything else.

Then, over time, you’ve built this huge database of branded content that consistently goes out, and the bigger and bigger and bigger it gets, the less frequent certain things post, and the more variety you get. 

Then, if you want to post something yourself organically, you can just post it, and it’s not like, oh, this is the only post I’ve posted in a month. It’s, oh, this is an extra post. This is a meaningful post. It’s a photo of myself that I normally don’t post or something like that. 

The best social media marketing tool that I use right now is 

5. The best social media marketing tool that I use right now is is similar to Meet Edgar, and you can set up all of your content and when things are going to post, and all of that, and all these different integrations, and it’s wonderful, it’s beautiful. I chose it because it was less expensive than Meet Edgar. 

Some of the reason I like it is that it is easy to use. You can mass upload content all at once and approve them individually or all at once. You can modify each post to fit your different platforms making variations and it also allows you to put hashtags in the posts of your instagram posts. 

I used to use the RSS feed a lot for major blogs like Goalcast or Entrepreneuer but now I just use it for my own RSS blog feed so when I post new content it automatically goes into the system for approval. 

6. Tailwind for Instagram

The last tool I want to mention is specific to Instagram and that is Tailwind. 

I have more than one Instagram account and this tool has really helped me a lot.  The thing about Instagram that is very, very important is the hashtags you use, of course your content, and consistency. 

The one app that I also love to use for Instagram is Tailwind. Tailwind, though, it’s not going to be the evergreen content. It’s going to be social media content that you’re going to plan out your, what you want your Instagram to look like, which isn’t always easy to keep up with. You’re going to spend a little bit more time because you have to keep producing content but use it with an evergreen tool and you are golden.

Ideally, the best thing to do is to have an evergreen system in place, and then mix it with something like Tailwind that will also post. 

That way, you can have both of them working together, and as you create that new content, maybe you first put it up into Tailwind. When it has already been posted, then you can put it back into the evergreen, and kind of have a system. 

Then, your social media is always going. It’s always working for you, and what’s done is done, and you can continue and continue to bring more and more value.

That is how I keep up with social media. 



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